Where can I find End of tenancy cleaning services online?


Moving out of the rental property is a difficult experience that necessitates meticulous planning for several activities. While relocating to your new home is exciting and marks a new beginning, you must consider how to organize your move in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Getting your money returned is one of the most important elements of this procedure. After each rental ends in the United Kingdom, a careful checkout inventory is completed to ensure that the property is returned in excellent shape, which includes, predictably, immaculate cleaning at the highest standard.

While not all estate agents and landlords demand an End of Tenancy cleaning, many do require you to engage a professional cleaning agency to complete this task. This is to guarantee that when you take over the property, the renters will find it deep clean, and ready to move in.

As a result, it is critical that professional moving-out cleaning be done rather than doing it yourself. With clerks and estate agents on the lookout for even the slightest errors in the cleaning process, you can’t risk doing it yourself or expecting a professional finish from a simple home cleaning service.

While the typical basket size for this tenancy service starts at around £200 depending on the size of the property and congestion charges, it is definitely worth your money to invest in a professional End of Tenancy cleaning service to ensure that you receive your deposit in whole and on schedule.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

We are pleased to provide you with the most cost-effective end-of-tenancy cleaning services in London. Our cleaning packages start at only £110 for an excellent and high-quality clean. You will have more time with our end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Our skilled, courteous, and highly experienced cleaners work quickly and efficiently, so you can rest, get your deposit back, and focus on what matters most to you. Our end-of-tenancy cleaning provides you with peace of mind.

We pledge to always provide you with the greatest cleaning services, including eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, background checked, qualified, and accredited cleaners, and a free reclean guarantee on every booking, so there’s no risk of you not being able to get your money back. You have a lot of options with our end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Whether you need a cleaner in East London, West London, North London, or South London, we can help! After we get your booking, our expert end-of-tenancy cleaning business will locate our best cleaning crews in your area. They’ll be there when you need them to provide the best cleaning service in London at the best price.

To ensure that nothing is overlooked, we follow our cleaning checklist for all of our end-of-tenancy cleaning processes and routines. Get in touch with us today, sit back, and unwind!

Why should I use Cleaner Cleaner to clean my house after I move out?

Since 2012, Dirt2Tidy has provided completely guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning services in London. A professional cleaning company that is both small and large enough to handle any situation with an experienced cleaning team. We’ve helped tens of thousands of renters collect their security deposits, and we’re certain we can do the same for you!

  • Consider us a trustworthy friend who will never let you down!
  • 100% of your security deposit will be returned to you.

We will assist you in leaving your leased property immaculate by offering an end of lease cleaning service that has been authorized by landlords and top renting agents in London.

The following are the main benefits of our check-out cleaning service:

  • 7-day money-back guarantee!
  • Over 12 years of expertise
  • Cleaning Oven, fridge, and washing machine cleaning included as standard
  • Photos were taken before and after to offer evidence of clean
  • All cleaning supplies and equipment provided
  • The payment method of your choice

What is included in our London move out cleaning service?

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service is tailored to meet the needs of both renters and landlords. Consider the following advantages of using such a service:

All of the move out cleaners we deal with are properly qualified and verified, and they arrive with all of the required equipment and detergents to complete the move-out clean.

  • Because our end-of-tenancy cleaning service isn’t time-limited, the experts won’t leave the property until everything is spotless.
  • Professional detergents from trustworthy UK suppliers – The end-of-tenancy cleaning crew uses professional detergents from reputable UK suppliers that are not publicly accessible. These solutions are quite effective and assist in achieving excellent outcomes.
  • Complete cleaning of the entire property – Every room will be carefully cleaned from top to bottom. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and hallway are all included.
  • Deep oven cleaning – With every move out clean, we provide a complimentary professional oven valeting service bu cleaning technicians.

We take pride in our ability to obtain your deposit back from your landlord after a 7 days re-clean. As a result, every end-of-tenancy cleaning service includes a free re-clean if the landlord is unhappy with our work. This warranty can be extended to 7 days if you choose our premium service.

* Key pick-up option – If no one is available to allow us in at the property, we can go pick up the key at a nearby address.

Simply fill out our online form to request an end-of-tenancy clean, and a member of our staff will contact you to schedule your clean or book online.

We have cleaners on standby around the city 24 hours and can provide service at short notice or in advance to clean the property. Simply indicate your availability when getting a quotation, and we’ll schedule an appointment for you. Prior to your cleaners arriving, we urge that you have packed and emptied the house.

Our team will bring all of the necessary materials and equipment to do a thorough end-of-tenancy clean. Our cleaners will follow an agency-approved checklist during the clean to guarantee that your security deposit is refunded.

All normal cleaning activities, as well as the washing of appliances and furnishings, are included in end-of-tenancy cleaning. Carpet and upholstery steam cleaning is also offered as an add-on service.

After your cleaning, we’ll provide you a receipt as proof of the job’s completion.

Antiviral treatment is now available for free on all surfaces

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service includes a 7-day deposit refund guarantee. If your landlord or leasing agent has any issues with the cleaning, we will promptly arrange for a return visit to remedy any omissions – free of charge!

COVID-19 Update: We are currently providing our post-rental cleaning services as usual, as well as comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleans to satisfied customers across London. Please see our Coronavirus cleanup services page for more details. When doing all of our cleaning services, we adhere to the most recent government and NHS recommendations.

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