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What type of tenant would you never rent to?


Great renters imply predictable revenue and fewer vacancies, while poor tenants mean the reverse. They equate to lost money, additional bother, and a significant increase in turnover expenses.

A proper renter screening procedure, on the other hand, may help you prevent the latter.

Here are the renters you should avoid if you want to keep your rental property investing operating smoothly and financially

Those who fail to pay

This is, without a doubt, the worst kind of renter. Your real estate investments are a business, and when a tenant doesn’t pay or pays late on a regular basis, it may throw your whole operation into disarray by a bad tenant. It may even be necessary to go through the time-consuming and expensive eviction procedure with the kind of tenant.

How to Stay Away From These Tenants

Running a credit check throughout the tenant screening process is your best chance for preventing a nonpaying tenant. Check to see whether they’re current on all payments, have a good credit score, and have no bankruptcies, collections, or other bad blemishes on their record.

On your rental application, you should also get comprehensive information about their job and income, and be sure to follow up with their employer and prior landlord about your prospective tenant and whether he paid rent on time.

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You could also think about allowing digital rent payments. Some renters are just lazy and cannot be bothered to write or deliver a check on time. If debit or credit card payments are permitted, they may be far more likely to pay on time.

Those who cause harm to your rented property


Your money is riding on that property, and when a renter does significant damage, it has a significant impact on your bottom line. And here’s the worst part: Often, you aren’t aware of the damage until the tenant has moved out and is no longer accessible.

How to Stay Away From These Tenants

A thorough background check may help you avoid renters who are likely to cause damage or theft to your property. Check your criminal history to see whether you have a history of theft or vandalism offences. Just remember to follow the Fair Housing Laws in this area.

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Any previous landlords should also be contacted. What was the state of the house when they left? Was there anything is broken or missing when they left?

Those who refuse to leave


If you own rental property, squatters should be a genuine worry. They not only need to be legally evicted and forcefully removed in most instances, but they also substantially slow down your property turnover time. That implies you’ll have to wait longer to find a new, paying tenant to meet the expenses for the long term.

How to Stay Away From These Tenants

On your rental application, request a thorough residency history. Consider it a red signal if a potential renter doesn’t fill out this part. You should also contact any prior landlords mentioned to ensure that they left the home on schedule and in good working order.

Those who cause problems for other renters

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This is an especially tough tenant to deal with if you own a duplex, triplex, or other multifamily property. They may be excessively loud, have odd odours emanating from their apartment, or just be unpleasant or irritating to others on the complex. Whatever the reason, they irritate your other renters, resulting in additional vacancies and lost revenue down the road.

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How to Stay Away From These Tenants

Inquire about any behavioural problems you should be aware of from their previous landlords and even their job. Consider requesting the contact information of a former neighbour as part of your rental application process and tenancy agreement.

Those that sublease without your permission

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Subletting is a dangerous business, particularly if you, the landlord, aren’t aware of it. It may result in property damage or squatters if the original tenant does not thoroughly vet the subletters.

How to Stay Away From These Tenants

Your best strategy here is to be very specific in your lease agreement regarding who may inhabit the property. You may also look for red flags in the application of a renter. Are they attempting to rent a home that is not in close proximity to their place of employment? Is the property just going to be used part-time?

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Finally, you should visit the rental on a regular basis. Make sure you know the individuals and vehicles on the property and act quickly if you suspect unauthorised subletting.

Pet owners who are too indulgent

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Some pet owners go a little too far. They may spoil their pets by giving them free rein of the home, or they may just have too many pets at once. These tenants nearly invariably cause damage to the property and, in many cases, make it difficult to re-rent when they leave.

How to Stay Away From These Tenants

If you do decide to allow pets on your property, set breed and size limits. You could also request to see the animal first to ensure that the renter is telling the truth. It’s also crucial to limit the number of pets a renter may have.

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To prevent all undesirable renters, not just those mentioned above, a comprehensive tenant screening procedure is essential.

Apart from that, you should also:

Make sure you follow up. Don’t simply ask for the applicant’s job and previous landlord’s contact information and then ignore it. Before going ahead, contact those sources for additional information about the prospective renter.

Have patience. When searching for a new renter, take your time. You may be less careful in assessing a tenant if you’re in a hurry to fill a vacancy (or just less choosy).

Have a lease that is unbreakable. Cover every detail, get the rental agreement evaluated by an attorney, and leave no space for misunderstanding or mistake.

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Conduct a comprehensive examination of the property. When checking a rental property before move-in, be thorough, and encourage your renters to do the same. Make sure they understand that they are liable for any harm that occurs after they leave.

Maintain contact with your renters during the duration of their contract. Also, pay a visit to the property once in a while to provide some responsibility.

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Finally, just in case, have an attorney on hand. You never know when a landlord-tenant relationship may deteriorate, and having a legal expert on hand might save you money by avoiding expensive litigation or eviction.

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