What is involved in an end-of-tenancy cleaning service?


The end-of-tenancy clean isn’t the most enjoyable job, but it’s one that must be completed.

If you do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself or hire a professional cleaning service, your home must be in tip-top condition for your new tenants.

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We’ve put together a quick guide to cleaning up when a lease ends. We’ve also partnered up with a talented cleaner to offer you a collection of tips that walk you through cleaning the main areas of your home step by step.

Can I tidy up until my tenancy ends?

At the end of a lease, you have two options: perform the end-of-tenancy cleaning yourself or hire a specialist end-of-tenancy cleaning service to do it for you.

Your choice will be influenced by your proximity to the property and the amount of time you have available. If you have a letting company, they may be willing to provide you with the end-of-tenancy cleaning. However, if you have some free time and some simple cleaning products and supplies, doing the end-of-tenancy clean yourself might be the most cost-effective alternative but time-consuming.

End of a tenancy cleaning Checklist

cleanind checklist

For your new tenants, your property must be spotless. It should be washed from top to bottom, but there are a few main “pressure points” that should be addressed. To assist you in performing an excellent professional end of tenancy cleaning, we’ve assembled a rundown of the most relevant priority areas.

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Gather your supplies. Cleaning supplies such as patented cleaning fluid, upholstery cleaning, cloths and rags, scourers, and spray bottles are needed. Here is more detail on individual cleaning items.

The presence of walls. Examine the walls for scuff outlines. You may be able to wash them off, or you might need to repaint parts of the wall.

Entrances. Make sure all of the doors, including the handles, are washed. Check to see if the locks are in good working order.

• There are windows. Inside and out, windows can be swept. For exterior windows, you can need to hire a licensed window cleaner.

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The ceilings. Cleaning the ceilings can necessitate the use of an extendable broom. Keep an eye out for cobwebs in space corners.

• Fixtures and accessories. Dust and polish any light fixtures and sockets, and make sure the upholstery is stain-free.

• Carpeting. For soiled carpets, you can hire a carpet cleaner unit. These can be used in many supermarkets for about £20 a day.

• Take it room by room. It’s time to focus on the pressure points of specific rooms once you’ve completed the remainder of the checklist. Continue reading for more details.

End-of-tenancy kitchen cleaning

kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is one of the most critical areas to vacuum at the end of a tenancy, but it’s still one of the most quickly clogged with dirt and grime.

Take a peek at the kitchen sink first. This could entail some effort, depending on how clean the tenants were. You’ll need few simple cleaning supplies, such as non-scratch scourers, a spray bottle, and a cleaning solution.

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The method you choose will rely on the material your sink is made of, but stainless steel is the most general. See how to clean a stainless steel sink without scraping it in our tutorial.

You can also inspect the hob, which may quickly turn filthy. You’ll have to put in some effort, but the outcome would be worth it. After watching the video on how to clean a stainless steel hob, pass on to the next level, which is cleaning an extractor fan filter. It’s not enjoyable, but it’s important!

Cleaning the bathroom at the close of a tenancy

deep cleaning

The toilet is the next stop. You’ll see a variety of different places here, some of which will need different equipment. The bathroom sink, bathroom tiles and bathtub, and toilet are the areas where you can concentrate your efforts. You’ll still need to focus on the shower head and grouting if you have a shower.

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In a collection of four bathroom cleaning tutorials, we’ve gone through each of these topics step by step. In our guide to cleaning a bathroom easily and effectively, you will see them in action.

End-of-tenancy cleaning rooms

New modern living room with kitchen. New home. Interior photography. Wooden floor.

When doing an end-of-tenancy cleaning, there are a few other items to keep in mind. For example, it’s important to clean the windows both inside and out keep in mind that if your exterior windows are out of control, you’ll need to employ a skilled window cleaner.

Scuff stains on the walls can also be washed out, and if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to repaint them. If you have the same color paint as the scuffs, it’s always easy to easily cover them up.

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Curtains can be examined as well. While most curtains are dry clean only, check the label first since others are machine washable. Don’t forget about the curtain rods, which should be dusted and may be buffed. Finally, don’t worry about the furnishings. They can be vacuumed at the very least, however, you might want to use a dry wash to eliminate some grime or stains.

What exactly is an end-of-tenancy cleaning?

tenancy clean

End-of-tenancy cleaning is the form of cleaning needed when a resident vacates a rental property. This may be done by either the homeowner or the occupant.

This is a vital maintenance task that must be completed before a new occupant moves in. This is perhaps the most common reason for deposit conflicts between renters and landlords at the end of a lease.

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In simplistic words, it ensures that the house is spotless and disinfected prior to the arrival of new residents.

As a homeowner, you should carefully read your rental agreement since an end-of-tenancy clean would almost certainly be required before you will collect your deposit.

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Dirt2Tidy is a maintenance company that specializes in all forms of cleaning that can assist you with your industrial or residential end-of-tenancy cleaning needs. We deal with a lot of tenants and estate agents who provide this service directly because we know how to follow the standards provided in order for you to get your deposit back without any problems.

What is used in an end-of-tenancy cleaning?

tenancy clean

Cleaning, disinfecting, and dusting objects such as the front door, skirting boards, doors, ceiling, limescale on floors, and taps are often part of an end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Deep-cleaning appliances: ovens and stovetops, microwaves, refrigerators, and other related products

Furniture cleaning: shampooing and deep cleaning carpets in the building

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Blinds and curtains cleaning or washing:

Cleaning and disinfecting furniture such as cabinets, bookcases, tables, bed frames, and other similar products.

Sweep and mop thoroughly: shift all furniture and big appliances out of the way and clear all clutter, dirt, and stains.

Thoroughly scrub the kitchen and bathroom: owing to the high probability of bacteria, both areas must be kept clean.

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Clean windows: Inside and out, make sure they’re gleaming and smear-free.

Is it legal for tenants to be charged a cleaning fee?

The most popular deductions from security deposits in tenancy agreements are cleaning expenses. The property should be returned in the same condition it was rented in, as specified in the rental contract.

If you have been properly cleaning the property since moving out as a resident, the owner does not ask you to pay the entire cost of a licensed cleaning service.

The price of a skilled tenancy clean is determined by the size of the property and whether or not upholstery or carpet cleaning is necessary. If carpet cleaning is not necessary, a tenancy cleaning company in London could charge £160 + VAT for a two-bedroom apartment.

Is skilled cleaning needed at the end of my tenancy?


There’s no excuse that you can’t pick up after yourself as a homeowner. You are allowed to clean your own home, however, you can run into difficulties when it comes to carpet, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Before you begin a comprehensive cleaning, review your rental agreement and determine what you are contractually obligated to offer. In certain instances, skilled cleaning of carpets, upholstery, or even curtains is expected at the end of your tenancy to get your tenancy deposit in full.

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A cleaning receipt from a licensed cleaning firm might even be required by your landlord or estate agent to verify that requirements have been met.

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