Tenancy cleaning

What is an end of tenancy cleaning?

tenancy clean

End of tenancy cleaning in the form of cleaning needed when a resident vacates a rental property. This may be done by either the homeowner or the occupant.

This is a vital maintenance task that must be completed before a new occupant moves in. This is perhaps the most common reason for deposit disputes between renters and landlords at the end of a tenancy agreement.

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In simplistic words, it ensures that the house is spotless and disinfected prior to the arrival of new residents.

As a homeowner, you should carefully read your rental agreement since end-of-tenancy cleaning services in London would almost certainly be required before you will collect your deposit.

Dirt2Tidy is a maintenance company that specializes in all forms of cleaning and can assist you with your industrial or residential cleaning needs. We deal with a lot of tenants and estate agents who provide this service directly because they follow an approved tenancy cleaning checklist in order for you to get your deposit back without any problems.


While several cleaning firms provide similar End of Tenancy cleaning services, not all of them have the same services. End of Tenancy Cleaning package at Dirt2Tidy provides the following services:

We would vacuum the whole property and clear any cobwebs from the ceilings, windows, and other areas.doorposts, door handles, and doors are cleaned.

light switches, sockets, light fixtures, and light shades will be thoroughly washed.

skirting boards will be cleaned.

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Cleaning would be done on both window sills, windows, and window frames.

The furniture is dusted (Tables, Chairs, Chest of Drawers, Wardrobes, Bookshelves, and so on).

Soft Furnishings can be vacuumed.

Clean/disinfect the kitchen cupboards, the stove, the oven, the refrigerator, and the microwave (Inside and Out).

Ensure that the washing machine, dishwasher, and tumble dryer are all in good working order (Inside and Out).

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Wall tiles, bath and shower basins, taps, and fixtures can all be cleaned, descaled.

flooring and stairwells should be vacuumed/mopped.

Sinks and toilets can be cleaned, descaled, and polished.

Internal Window Cleaning is a service that we provide to our customers.


vacate cleaning

All of the materials we use are also environmentally friendly, which ensures we will complete the clean when you are present and you won’t have to think about inhaling poisonous fumes from the products.

Our goods are very healthy to use with pets, children, and allergy sufferers. But still becoming environmentally friendly. This has no bearing on their performance; in fact, we’ve discovered that eco-friendly cleaning products deliver the greatest results; these products, together with our professionally qualified skilled cleaning staff, enable us to offer you a clean unlike any other. In addition, our prices are unbeatable.

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So, if you need a thorough cleaning, schedule an End of Tenancy Cleaning for your house. All will be taken care of, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

Is it legal for tenants to be charged a cleaning fee?


The most popular deductions from security deposits are cleaning expenses. The property should be returned in the same condition it was rented in, as specified in the rental contract.

An object, for example, may be worn and aged but still be expected to be returned clean.

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If you have been properly cleaning the property since moving out as a resident, the owner does not ask you to pay the entire cost of a licensed cleaning service.

The price of a skilled tenancy clean is depending on the size of the property and whether or not upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning is necessary. If carpet cleaning is not necessary, a contract cleaning company in London could charge £149 + VAT for a two-bedroom apartment from top to bottom.

Is skilled cleaning needed at the end of my tenancy?

moveout  clean

There’s no excuse that you can’t pick up after yourself as a homeowner. You are allowed to clean your own home, however, you can run into difficulties when it comes to carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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Before you begin a comprehensive cleaning, review your rental agreement and determine what you are contractually obligated to offer. In certain instances, skilled cleaning of carpets, upholstery, or even curtains is expected at the end of your tenancy.

A cleaning receipt from a licensed cleaning firm might even be required by your landlord or estate agent to verify that requirements have been met.

What cleaning is included in the service?


Here are some of the advantages of having your rental property cleaned by cleaning teams after the tenants move out

• A squad of professional end-of-tenancy cleaners – the move in cleaning would be performed by professionally trained and insured local technicians.

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• Working as many hours as necessary – this is not an hourly operation. The technicians can disinfect the property using a detailed checklist so it is in the best possible condition.

• Special/green detergents – to deliver the best performance, end of tenancy cleaners use specialist supplies from leading UK manufacturers. On request, eco detergents (containing natural organic oils) may be used, which are fully biodegradable and environmentally safe.

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• Deep oven cleaning – each end of tenancy cleaning service includes a dip-tank oven valeting facility. Book our competent appliance cleaning service if you want us to deep-clean another of your appliances.

• 48-hour warranty – to ensure that you have your bond back, we promise to re-clean the property for free if the landlord is unhappy with the outcome. You may now stretch it to 7 days!

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• On-demand key pickup – to make it easier for both renters and guests, the nearby cleaners will pick up the keys from a location close to the rental address.

Sanitization can be used with tenancy cleaning.

You should apply to sanitize the facility to guarantee the well-being of the next tenants. The cleaners would concentrate on the places that are often touched, sanitizing them with specific detergents to eliminate the possibility of infection and can be availed with the cleaning cost.

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If you’re concerned about a virus infection, though, you may use our extremely efficient Antiviral Sanitisation service. It’s achieved with professional equipment that sprays a CERTIFIED virucide on surfaces that’s been lab-tested and confirmed to kill 99.99 percent of germs.

You can book a cleaning service on bank holidays and in short notice less than 24 hours at no additional costs.

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