10 Tips to Save the Burden of End of Tenancy Cleaning


The end of tenancy clean is not the most thrilling yet important work. If you decide to clean up your property or pay a cleaning service in London for a professional move out cleaning service, your property should be of a high standard for the new occupants.

Important Cleaning Tasks

Make sure you first read the whole lease agreement. It can specify how you have to leave the house when your tenancy agreement ends.

If any damage or harm during your lease, make sure that it is patched or substituted before you move out. If you do not, the landlord is entitled to organize a professional team to fix it and return the bill to you to resolve the issue.

Under certain instances, the lender proposes to subtract this number from your security deposit.


Can I clean myself at the end of the tenancy?

At the end of the tenancy, you have a choice you can either tidy up your property yourself or you can opt for a skilled tenancy cleaning service.

Your choice can rely on how much wear and tear have been made and how long you have lived in the rented property. If you have a letting agent, will schedule the cleaning of your tenancy with a move out cleaners especially when there is a lot of upholstery cleaning involved. However, if you have any time off and some basic supplies, it might be the most cost-efficient way to have yourself cleaned up.

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The job you do can be dependent on a tenancy cleaning checklist and inspection record. In general, though, you can do the following cleaning activities in order to pass the final inspection which most professional end of tenancy cleaners advise:

The Kitchen

Remove everything from the cupboards and shelves and remove the oil marks with a wet tissue. Then take the kitchen appliances out and scrub them under and wipe them with a microfibre cloth.

It is necessary to ensure that you have comprehensive cleaning materials and types of equipment depending on the size of the property.

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Then, scrub the fridge inside and outside, take all refrigerator trays, racks, and soak them in soapy water. Switch off the fridge and freezer before you start cleaning them. Turn the device off at the wall as you exit and leave the doors open for mould preventing.


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Here’s how the oven and hob can be cleaned:

• The interior of your oven should be totally cool. Wear latex gloves to ensure that the shelves are removed. Put the shelves in a plastic sealing bag and clean the other areas of the oven.

• Use the newspaper to protect the base of the oven. Scrap burnt-on food, prevent heating components from being scraped. Oven cleaning kits and home maintenance shops are accessible online. Use an old toothbrush to penetrate places that are impossible to reach. Baking soda combined with little water may be used for cleaning the chemical oven.

Check the removal door and then soak in the hot soapy water and wash them.

• Clean the oven door: Use a gentle microfibre cloth to rub the door from top to bottom.

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• Remove rings from burners and wash with warm soapy water.


If your oven contains huge deposits of grime, household dust, oil, or burned beef, you have to scrub it thoroughly to get your security deposit back so you have to clean it like professional oven cleaners. The first thing is normally examined during the inspection.

The Living Room

Your carpets and blinds dusting are the two key tasks in the living space. Get a comprehensive vacuum-like Dyson to do your tapestries. If any blemishes remain you may want to hire a specialist to combat the problem or rent an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Clean your racks, your tables, your dining table, your cupboards, and your TV stands use an all-purpose cleaner to make them sparkling.

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The Bathroom

Remove all of the stains from the sink, bathroom, tub, tiles, and mirrors in your bathroom and deep clean them using a Glass cleaner is advisable.


Next, look for the plug holes and drains to make sure they are clean and water is easy to flow. If not, the drain cleaner may assist with obstruction removal.

Then inspect the metallic surfaces for mold and calcium, such as sinks, showers, and drain grates. A whole range of products will help you deal with them. It is so quick that once sprayed over the infected region the magic works and then washed away with water leaves it spotless.

If there is still some limescale, white vinegar and fresh lemon may even be used to break down the particles that cause the chalky remains.

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Additional cleaning jobs around the house (including the bedroom)

Inside and outside, clean the windows. If you can’t open the windows outside, look for a licensed window cleaner to support.

The Walls

Check for the property on walls and skirt boards for scuff marks and dust. Try washing them. If that doesn’t fit, paint the same color on them. If there are many signs, the whole wall might need to be properly painted. If you do not, the landlord would probably do this job, and deduct it from the security deposit.


The Furniture

Make sure the furniture is vacuumed and washed with a dry upholstery cleaning solution. It is critical that there are no blemishes, hair, or odors. A professional carpet steam cleaning is advisable usually to make your carpet look new and fresh.

Curtains and Blinds

Always look on your curtains for and blinds cleaning instructions. It may be washable, although it is possible that they may require dry washing. Always sure you vacuum on the curtain rods and roller blinds. If you have Venetian blinds, make sure all sides of the laths are cleaned. If your blinds are broken, they have to be fixed or substituted.


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Recruiting a Tenancy Cleaning Firm

The description above is long, but it doesn’t list everything you need to clean before you can take your deposit back. If you don’t have the resources or patience to clean extensively, hiring a firm could be the answer who will have efficient cleaning teams speak to their customer service and look for any special requirements you need.


Location cleaning is intended for those who move out. In order to return their deposit, customers require quality resources and results. That is why it is critical that the company you choose provides you with detailed move out cleaning lists covering more than you might imagine.

If you really deliver cleaning of a rented property you have to be prepared to act on every checklist issued by your landlord or letting agents.

More importantly, the cleaning firm must ensure that they can come on short notice. If the service is not enough, cash reimbursement or re-cleaning shall be due within 24 hours. The cleaning business you employ must guarantee the price is fixed with VAT and congestion charges.

The Standard of the job is a very critical factor. Make sure the service is not time-based, rather property size and scope of the job.

Meeting these cleaning demands would allow you to receive your safety deposit even smoother get quotes from several companies free of charge.

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