end of tenancy cleaning checklist

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guide 2021

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist 2021

Before you sign a lease for rented accommodation from a landlord or from a rental agent, you can make sure that all the criteria are met. End of lease cleaning is a duty for you to get your deposit as you leave the house. The property does not suffer any damage or degradation. By going into another tenant, it will be at the same clean and shiny state of the highest standard.

end of tenancy cleaning checklist

Why this is necessary?

You may lose the security deposit or be credited with a high cost of a professional cleaning performed by your landlord. Both renters are asked to join newly leased property with inventory and cleanliness end of tenancy cleaning checklist before signing the rental contract. Landlords have absolute discretion to charge renters for end of lease cleaning to clean the property.

What is acceptable or fair?

According to gov.uk, It is necessary to take preventive action against disputes with the landlord. You should also do your own housekeeping instead of hiring it. As a tenant, you are required to ensure that the property is put in good shape for you.

You should properly clean your apartments, as you are clearing out and a move out cleaning services will come in handy. Therefore, you have to pay the same amount on cleaning that your landlord paid before your arrival; meeting the same level of cleaning.

Tenant Feedback Prototype.

One of the most important things to have done before you step out is the end of tenancy cleaning checklist. You should take it from your landlord or an agent. Your roles will be explicitly presented at this end of tenancy cleaning checklist. It’s safer to make a checklist before heading to the apartment. Always remember to review the inventory once a week.

How and why to scrub.

Next, time is very important. If you want to clean alone, just make sure that you have enough time to clean everything listed on your end of tenancy cleaning checklist and go through from top to bottom. Cleaning on your own will be by far the cheapest means, but not always the fastest by short notice within 24 hours you can book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service in London with additional upholstery cleaning. Here are the essential problems that you need to resolve upon the completion of the tenancy depending on the size of the property.

Check here: “Guide for Landlords and Tenants

end of tenancy cleaning checklist


 The kitchen takes a great deal of your attention, but note that the kitchen is the most-inspected quarters. Try to clean the house thoroughly particularly the fridge and freezer.

Clean all mineral deposits from the sink and sink taps; also clean all tiles around it – they normally hold mineral deposits.

Get rid of extra food per week. The people struggled to locate the positions in kitchens and they are occupied by cobwebs and ashes.

The oven and hobs require care and cleaning sometimes. Wash and dry them with care. Make sure to inspect the toaster and microwave so they can withstand burnt crumbles and rough stains.

Clean the dishwasher, as well as the filters.

Once you clean up and tidy, take off the rubbish, empty the bins, and open the walls.

The Living room.

When you clean your living room, you can reduce your everyday chores. Place the vacuum cleaner from the bottom to the tip. You can even scrub some dusty shelves with it. In this way, dust the coffee table, the bookshelves and remove hair from the furniture. Clean off the dust on the floor using a broom. And do not forget any stain on your carpet or hard surface.

end of tenancy cleaning checklist


The bedroom looks really tidy, but actually, there are a lot of cleaning to do. Vacuum the carpets then sweep surfaces with filthy mop first. Then turn your mind to dust on shelves and walls, pictures. Wipe off or clean the drapes. In case of any stains on the walls, one might attempt to remove them gently with a gentle detergent. See if there are any webs in the corners and under the bed. Always vacuum and polish furniture. Inspect the mattresses for any marks or ashes.

Bathroom and toilet.

Cleaning the toilets is very time intensive and frustrating. You can save time washing the windows and you can scrub them with less detergent. You should then wipe them a little without scrubbing too hard. My final step is to polish with super soft microfiber fabric.

Few tenants in the rented properties clean only the toilet bowl, but they usually fail to clean the seat and the surrounding toilet room. Another omission committed by homeowners is missing their family showers and toilets. You should use vinegar on any surface that needs washing.

Don’t forget the mirror and the window, if you do, you should place the mirrors in the dishwasher.

Walls and Windows.

Test all ceilings and walls for fingerprints, traces of mould. A painted wall is able to make cleaning operation simpler, by easiest way to make it is to use a dry solution. Wallpaper may require more cautious techniques – do use a clean cloth and softer soap to gently wipe the stains. Talcum powder is a useful substance for removing wallpaper stains. Stop mildew on the walls by dousing them with bleach and vinegar, and spraying the room without washing. The best way to disinfect windows is to attach microfiber and squeegee on a dry window.

end of tenancy cleaning checklist

Upholstery and carpets

It is necessary to wash all surfaces, particularly under furniture. Hardwood floors are different, you must take caution not to use detergents which is offensive. You will have to be washing every carpet and rug in your house thoroughly. In principle, if you have a steam cleaner, you should use it to vacuum the board. Don’t wait for your carpets to get filthy and ruined there are professional cleaning companies who offer end of tenancy cleaning with carpet steam or dry cleaning as per the customer’s requirements.


Furniture suffers a lot from people exploiting their land. Edges get weakened, varnish loses its gleam and wet cups leave stains. You must polish the TV and return it to its highest condition. Soft furniture like couches and chairs are messy to maintain because of the embedded dust and hair strands.

For wooden furniture, whether you use wood polish oil or wax, the scent and stains from furniture can go away with home steam washing. As a renter, you must search your property for exterior spaces such as parks, backyards, and lawns for the full end of tenancy cleaning.

Additional facilities.

If you have made it this far, you still feel scared by the scale of the cleaning list. Now it is actually time to worry about professional cleaning services for cleaning teams. For a couple of hours, it is now easy to get a squad of experts to do different things for you you can get quotes free of charge at Dirt2Tidy. This cleaning business is great for you, as long as you are able to spend some money on them with great customer service. Depending on the postcode there may be an additional congestion charge applicable by companies

Cleaning firms save your time when you can order your kit of removal after you have moved your belongings. It is possible to clean it well if it is left untreated. to find a cleaning company by yourself, instead of leaving it to your sneaky landlord, who might hire an affordable move out cleaner.

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