End of Tenancy Cleaning is Necessary if your Deposit is to be Returned

About half (56%) of deposit disputes was verified by the deposit safety system as a result of ineffective move out cleaning. This makes it the most important explanation for disagreements over security deposits.

If you haven’t done move out cleaning until you’ve checked out, the landlord can contract cleaning service in London while taking the money from your deposit.

Your landlord cannot, however, subtract more than the actual move out cleaning bill. The receipt is required as proof of payment for the cleaning. Before you accept the deposit deduction, make sure you see the receipt for the cleaning service.

It’s in the best interest of landlords to retain the property at all times when they have deposited a great deal of money. This is the most accurate demonstration of how tenants influenced the state of the property during their occupancy.

Any landlords employ a move out cleaning services before allowing tenants to move in. Your landlord will also presumably provide you with a copy of the receipt provided by the cleaning firm. If you intend to clean yourself, make sure that you do this additional work and start it early because you should have ample time to match the high standards of move out cleaners.

move out cleaning

How to tidy up your rented property?

It is for your good to clean up and satisfy all the obligations of your tenancy agreement. Otherwise, the tenancy deposit would be impossible for you to retrieve. Ensure the damage incurred by you or a guest is restored or replaced in your property. If you leave it to the landlord to give you the bill, the rates will actually be higher and they won’t shop for the right price.

Call the landlord or letting agent before you start and ask for their tenancy cleaning checklist. You need to focus the job on the checklist and move and make sure that you have cleaned the property from top to bottom.

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If you wish to pass the final inspection, you will have to clean the following things at least:


move out cleaning

Empty all the shelves and cupboards. scrub inside and outside and wipe with a dry cloth absolutely. Do you want to strip all appliances and wash the floors underneath and the walls behind? Usually, the back of the fridge and freezer is distant and full of cobwebs wipe them with a dry towel. When the refrigerator is being cleaned, turn it off on the power supply and keep the door open to remove the odour.

Ensure that all refrigerator shelves, cabinets and racks are pulled out. Clean them well, even the groves they slip in the refrigerator.


Oven and Refrigerator

move out cleaning

When you move into a new property, nothing is worse than cleaning another’s oven. If not washed regularly, the oven produces dense deposits of grime, burnt fruit, grease and domestic dust. All makes for a nasty cleaning job that needs patience, effort and hard cleaning agents from any other cleaning job.

Uncomfortable as the job might be, be sure to sparkle, for the oven is always the first product to be tested. Similarly, hob, burners, shelves, bakers, sticks, switches and all other surfaces. You just have to try your microwave, or it’s not worth starting at all.

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This is how the oven and hob can be cleaned:

move out cleaning

Start With The Shelves: Your inside oven must be cool. Wear latex gloves to ensure that the shelves are removed. Set the racks in a sticky plastic bag aside and clean the remainder of the oven.

Cavity work: use a newspaper to protect the floor of the oven. Scrape burned food down, preventing heating components from scraping. Oven cleaning kits and home decor shops are available online. Using an old toothbrush to enter places that are impossible to reach. Baking soda combined with little water can be used as an alternative to the washing of a chemical oven.

• Pull off the removal door and wash it in hot soapy water.

• Clean the door. Rub the glass door using fluffy fabric.

• Detach rings and burners from the wet, soapy water and wash them.

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Living room:

move out cleaning

Living rooms are also full of furnishings and bookshelves. Mostly this room is for dusting and vacuuming all to perfection. The living room is very time-intensive, so simple as it sounds, there are many items and uncomfortable surfaces to sweep.


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All in the bathroom. Ensure that the drains and plug holes are free from pollution and ensure that the water flows easily. Remove mould, soap and limescale on all metal surfaces, such as hackers, toilets, drain grates. If you have some of the holes of the showerhead plugged from limescale, you have to cover it up. Detach the head of the tub and submerge it overnight in white vinegar.


Walls You should check for some filthy stains or scuffs on the walls. If they cannot be wiped out, paint them with an emulsion of the same color. Cover the nail holes with the filler putty wall to fill with pain. If required, it is vital to clean the entire mould and also remind your landlord of the problem. Do not paint on the mould let the owner do so, but try your hardest to clean it.

Sadly, chlorine is the most reliable mould, cleaning agent. If you use those harsh cleaning agents, use a breathing mask and gloves.

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move out cleaning

Clean all inside windows. If you cannot hit the outside, make a call for a window cleaner. Windows make simple general hygiene experiences. If you make your crystal clear, it will be more likely that your owner misses dirt elsewhere.

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You must check for scuff signs, cracks and dings for the wooden upholstery. To rub on the scuff marks and bruises, use almonds and coffee grounds. For minor problems, they are good at masking the hurt. You may purchase a wood polish or use lemon oil for a dazzling finish. Clean your upholstery wooden pieces well and your furniture will look brand new.

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move out cleaning

If the curtains are washable, follow the cleaning directions and dust the curtain rods to the dry cleaner. Do the same for some blinds in the house. Dust both sides of the Venetian blinds thoroughly. Repair or replace any damaged if the blind is unusable.

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move out cleaning

Anytime you have a steam cleaner, this is an ideal way to make carpets and teapots look fresh. If not, they are comparatively cheap to rent and have different fittings for cleaning any part of the building, including floors, tiles, curtains, walls and furniture. The least that you can do is clean all tapestries and clean them with a wire brush to remove the hair that is caught in fibers.

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Staircases and corridors

these places are high traffic areas and need to be cleaned more seriously. The tapestries and carpets can need steam cleaning to remove all the stains.

The Cleaning of the whole property is a tough and complicated job.

You should decide whether you have the requisite time and effort to complete the job so that you can collect your full deposit.

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