Magic Eraser – Things You Should Know

The sponge, marketed as a catch-all cleaning tool which can banish anything from permanent markers to soap scum to beet juice. All you need to do is dampen the sponge and work on scuffs and stains without any extra detergents or solvent for cleaning.

How Magic Eraser Works

No wand-waving here: The eraser’s “magic” is simply melamine, a nitrogen-rich organic base that is a strong but delicate abrasive in its solid state. Melamine is a widespread chemical compound which is used in everything from dry erase boards to sound insulation on bullet trains to Formica table for your grandparents. It has also been used to fortify food inexpensively and illegally, due to its high protein content.

What makes it such a strong cleaning agent is Melamine ‘s specific abrasiveness. Melamine is both porous and rigid as a foam and works like an incredibly fine sandpaper. Melamine actually uses teensy air pockets to brush off the stains, unlike, say, a detergent that breaks down stains. The air pockets look like minuscule upside down triangles at a microscopic stage. The individual triangles become approximately as hard as glass when activated with water. Like a windshield wiper, the ‘struts’-the points at the bottom of the triangle-catch on the ground and drag across the surface. Thus, they suggest spot checking and avoiding use on super fragile, shiny or finished wood surfaces. Gloves are also a good idea, because constant scrubbing of your fingers with an abrasive material is the kind of exfoliation you don’t want to mess with.

Magic Erasers will set you back around $1 a pop, and since the erasers are so porous, they appear to wear off like a pencil eraser and break down much quicker than most sponges. But the question is: are they really doing so much better than you old elbow grease? This is a yes. Their abrasive nature literally means they’re more effective in removing stubborn stains. That said, make sure you save them for your harder messes, and depend on soap and water for stuff like spills of fresh food. And because no “magical” ingredients actually exist, you can buy your own melamine sponges in bulk as well.

Melamine is harmless unless it is ingested (so keep it out of sight of pets and children), and as Brashear points out, it is also a great choice for those who are worried about toxins, because the erasers are free of added surfactants and detergents.

Myth or fact?

It is a wonderful thing in a household cleaning product that not only really cleans those tough stains but is safe to use with the whole family. The Magic Eraser made its debut in 2003 and soon became a favorite cleaning tool for people everywhere because of its ability to remove everything from crayon traces to scuffs on walls and floors to the disgusting soap ring in your water. It was also easy enough to use that you could give it to your children and make them use it around the house to do their cleaning tasks.

But thanks to a ridiculous little rumor that circulated widely on the internet, many questioned whether their new favorite cleaning tool was really harmful and whether the product was safe to use or not. Many thought the product contained formaldehyde, but the myth that Magic Erasers are poisonous has been debunked thanks to the fact-checking website Snopes, which should be your first stop if you read anything online. When used as guided, be assured that the Magic Eraser is absolutely safe and poses no health hazards or safety issues. Magic Eraser ingredients have been used safely and widely in a wide variety of household items for many years. Formaldehyde is not an ingredient in the Magic Eraser, and has never been. Magic Eraser (formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer) contains one element in its chemical name, the term ‘formaldehyde.’ This element, however, is not formaldehyde and poses no risks to health or safety. (Think of this name as ‘sodium chloride,’ which is table salt. Sodium can be harmful on its own, but it is safe to use sodium chloride salt.) They added. “In fact, no ingredients are subject to any health-related labelling in Magic Eraser.

Although Magic Erasers are not dangerous, Proctor & Gamble advises that you handle the sponge-like product as carefully as you would with any other cleaning product at home. The Magic Eraser is known to be non-toxic, “they explained.” As with any sponge-like substance, the gastrointestinal tract can be blocked when swallowed. So, we advise to keep this product out of sight of kids and pets to prevent unintentional ingestion — it’s not a toy. So, the next time you stock up on cleaning supplies, rest assured that Magic Erasers do not pose a harmful threat to your family.

Put back to life your old tub

The Magic Eraser knows that you don’t want to bathe in a filthy, old tub. But it can be troublesome to know how to clean bathtub dirt and grime, particularly gunk which has been there for years. Thankfully, the Magic Eraser is on a quest to make it easier to power through difficult stains. Now, cleaning with his mighty Magic Eraser will return your tub to its former glory. As the go-to bathroom cleaner for Magic Eraser, Magic Eraser makes a cinch to clean a bathroom.


Old bathtubs can be coated with rust, powder, dirt and grime. The best bathroom cleaner is the Benefit Initial Fragrance Magic Eraser Bath. It’s specially textured for additional scrubbing strength and is infused for further cleaning power with a foaming cleanser. Plus, your tub will smell extra fresh with the added fragrance of Febreze Meadows & Rain! It’s also a fantastic shower cleaner, so feel free to rinse dirt away from most surfaces in your bathroom.


Wet your magic eraser bath with water with Benefit Original Fragrance. This helps inside the Magic Eraser trigger the magic!

TWO: A Pinch to IT.

Give three or four strong squeezes or your Magic Eraser. When the bubbles start to form, you’ll know the magic works, and the tub cleaner engines go! There’s a Magic Eraser ready for action.


Well, time for the shower. To clean the desired area, use the activated magic eraser bath with Gain Original Fragrance. Like magic, in just a few swipes, the Magic Eraser will start powering through tough grime. Your clean bath with shine like the top of Magic Eraser ‘s head, before you know it!

And note that you can also clean other surfaces with the Magic Eraser. If you need to know how to clean a tub, bath, sink or countertop, all over your home, the Magic Eraser knocks out tough stuff. This is what he’s doing, 24 hours a day Before use, try out a small area with light pressure. Not recommended for the following surfaces: high gloss, matte, dark, rubbed, satin, faux, bare / polished wood, brass, appliances made from stainless steel, non-stick coating or vehicle body. Do not use with bleach from chlorine or with other household cleaners. Rinse required for food-in-direct contact surfaces. May not refer to the skin or other regions of the body. The usage on the skin is likely to cause abrasions. Keep out of sight of children and pets to discourage accidental ingestion.

Applications for your magic eraser

1. Wash an in oxidable steel sink

Remember the days when your sink was gleaming and reflecting light across the kitchen? They should do it again! You may use a magic eraser to gently scrub your stainless-steel sink clean, remove the tarnish and grime and leave it spotless. To see the results for yourself, watch the video above.

2. Marks of Scuff on walls

When are all those scuff marks on our walls ending? It’s a mystery … It’s not all lost though as we have a convenient way to delete it. Of course, using a magic eraser-a few buffs and your walls are going to look better than ever. TOP TIP: Test the magic eraser in an impregnable place. This could strip paint from the wall.

3. Clean glass

If it’s not totally cut by your DIY vinegar solution, a magic eraser might help you clean your windows. Don’t worry about leaving marks-on the surface of the panel it’ll just buff away dirt and grime. Magic erasers operate on most surfaces of glass, and are particularly useful to remove stuck-on bugs from your windscreen.

4. Rip off rust

In some very surprising places around the home, rust can appear: on shower hinges, appliances and even cooking pans! With your magic eraser, remove the simple rust.

5. Remove residue from stickers

If you like recycling old jars for your own homemade sauces and preserves, you’ll know all about the sticky sticker residue and how hard it can be to clean.  Put down the sponge-eventually, there’s an simpler way to do it!  Even the stickiest labels can make light work of a magic eraser.

6. Take off stains on clothing

If you were washing a stain in your white top, you might think there’s no way to save it. That’s where you get the magic eraser! Using a magic eraser on the stain gently, and it’ll physically strip it from the cloth-who would have thought it?

7. Garbage grout

Cleaning the grout is something that we always recommend, even deep cleaning. It can be a pretty tough job without the right instruments and skills-that’s why we recommend using a magic eraser. On very discolored or mould grout, they are especially good, as they can raise it away entirely.

8. Boost the headlamps

Visibility can never be underestimated, and that doesn’t mean they do their best just because the lights are working. Give your headlights a nice buff with a magic eraser the next time you’re washing your car. It can clear even the most imperceptible dirt spots, and avoid fogging of your headlights.

9. Toilet clean

Can a magic eraser help you clean the toilet without having to do some work? We have never tried this tip, but other people say that if you lodge a magic eraser in the toilet tank, thanks to the abrasive nature of the particles that are released, each flush will gain cleaning power. This certainly deserves a go! 

10. Spot the carpet cleaning

Cream carpets are always a danger, particularly if you have kids, pets or homemade parties. One of our greatest fears is carpet stains, but don’t let that deter you from enjoying your home. A magic eraser can be used to locate the carpet cleaning, which can clear even the hardest of stains such as red wine.

11. Take off paint

Did your DIY get a little carried away? If you got a paint job botched, there might still be hope! The sandpaper-like texture of a magic eraser is not balanced by dried paint. By adding a subtle, shabby-chic effect, they’re also great for improving finished paint jobs.

12. Clean scum for soap

Go with a regular sponge or cloth at soap scum and you will be there for ages! What you need is something a little bit harder-a magic eraser is what you need.

13. Get silver that glows

You should still have a magic eraser on hand in your cleaning cupboard if you’re lucky enough to have any silver decorations, cutlery or jewelry at home. Use it to remove tarnish and discoloration in tiny circles, and make your silver glitter like you won’t believe!

14. How to erase stickers, pen marks and crayons

One single word: children. If you have them, you’ll know it’s almost difficult to resist markers, pen and pencil marks. There’s no need to worry when they finally arise-a magic eraser can raise marker stains off almost any surface!

15. Clean doors to cabinet

The kitchen cabinets can turn shockingly dirty. This is due primarily to the evaporation of all those beautiful cooking juices. Magic erasers are very useful for washing cabinet doors and will in no time be cutting through dirt and grime.

16. Shoes with clean canvas

Let’s face it-our shoe soles in white canvas do not remain that way for long. Even if you promise to wear them only in nice weather, the soles will pick up scuffs and stains apparently from nowhere. To get rid of these are surprisingly tricky, since they are also trapped in the rubber itself. This is where, once again, our trusty magic eraser comes in. Use it to buff away all those stains gently, and leave your soles spotless.

17. Clean coir

There are not too many choices when it comes to cleaning leather, which can both do the job and protect the material.
One thing that can be a magic eraser-we start believing they are really magic! 

18. Purified granite

Granite surfaces look fantastic but it can be difficult to preserve as the stone’s porous nature actually absorbs stains. You have to be careful of what you use on granite, similar to leather, as it can be easily harmed. A magic eraser will buff the stain away gently and leave your granite clean. NOTE: DO NOT use a magic granite eraser! They could damage the finish irreversibly.

19. Keyboards

No matter how much you wash your face, you’ll get your keyboard grubby over time from the touch of typing alone. All you need is a magic eraser to clean keys, and make them white again.

20. Stains from coffee & tea

You’ll find stains begin to accumulate over time if you take your tea super heavy, or maybe don’t rinse it after every cup. These can be very stubborn-if you don’t use a magic eraser, that’s it!

21. Remove stains on hair dye

Did you spill a little hair dye onto your bathroom floor by accident? With a magic eraser, those stains are no problem!

22. Whiteboards White boards

Whiteboards may not be something we all own, but if you use one at work on a daily basis, you’ll know how messy they can get. Sometimes, regular erasers are not enough to remove the marks left by pens entirely, but there is something that is-a magic eraser. Swap one for your regular whiteboard eraser, and squeaky clean your board.

7 Things you never can do with a magic eraser

Magic erasers are kind of awesome (also commonly known as melamine foam). Not only can they clean anything from grout to oven doors to tennis shoes, these sponge-shaped pads typically break down to approximately $1 a pop when bought by the 8-pack. They are built to clean hard-to-scrub surfaces in areas which are difficult to reach. However, unfortunately, these one-handed wonders can sometimes work a little too well, particularly in polished and easily scratched areas. So before you get carried away with a melamine foam cleaning up your house, read ahead for seven items you certainly don’t want to ever do with them.

1. Don’t use the dry ones,

Part of the magic of these erasers is that you just need to add water to activate them. These plush pads, however, turn out to be much more abrasive, and can therefore do more harm when dry, so adding water actually helps soften them.

2. Do not use them to polish your car (or any surface painted with delicacy)

Don’t let the foam’s smooth texture fool you; it has the abrasiveness of 3000 grit sandpaper once it gets wet. That’s why it is important to avoid using them on finely painted surfaces, such as your car, or else you will end up with a much worse problem than bird poop.

3. Don’t use these gloves

Given that melamine foam pads can withstand anything from scruffs on walls to stovetops, it is no wonder that your skin can also be burned by these tiny powerhouses. Always wear a couple of gloves when using your magic eraser, and never use it directly on your hands.

4. Do not use these for cleaning sensitive countertops

Forget about the fact that these spongy pads sound plush; in fact, they are insanely abrasive. That’s why you should stop using it on granite and marble counters (and any other fine stone surfaces), otherwise you’ll run the risk of losing the sealant and making the surface look sluggish.

5. Do not use nonstick pots and pans to clean them off

If you thought you could use them exactly like a sponge on a plate, then think again. Using these heavy duty cleaners to scrub off nonstick pots and pans can just scrape their surface — and instead unleash pesky chemicals onto your food from the coating.

6. Don’t try to make stainless steel shiny

“It is probably best to stop using your pad on any stainless-steel surfaces in your home unless you give yourself a” gentle wiper. The high gloss finishes that seals most stainless steel appliances to break down can cause too much scrubbing, resulting in a dulled patina and often scratched patina.

7. Do not use them first on something without spot checking, this one may seem like a no brainer, but just do a spot test when you are in question about whether your melamine foam pad is safe to use. Just as you can for any new cleaning product, use the eraser to test a specific area before using it on a whole floor.

How You Can Use a Magic Eraser

A magic eraser is designed to begin breaking down as soon as it is used. Much like a crayon eraser, every time you use it, it gets smaller. These cleaning tools therefore don’t have long shelf life. Their durability, however, does not reflect their effectiveness; a magic eraser is a must-have cleaning tool around your house, if anything. So how many times the magic eraser can you reuse? Yeah, it depends on the way you’re using it. You can end up using the eraser only once if you use your magic eraser to get rid of hard grime and stain, or for a heavy work. Nevertheless, the eraser could still be in a spot to be used a few more times for small jobs and lighter scrubbing. That said, you don’t have to think about a new magic eraser wasting your money on. How to optimize its use, we have highlighted. This article will look at how a magic eraser will optimize its usage.

How to Sustainably optimize the use of a Magic Eraser

Magic erasers, as described above, fall apart as you use them. As such, you can end up spending a great deal of cash to buy these cleaning tools if you are not careful. It doesn’t help costing them a penny. So then, how can you use without wasting your magic eraser? Cut it into small chunks before using your magic eraser. They all perform the same function with erasers, whether big or small, and with the same performance. Therefore, you end up having a lot of use from a single magic eraser by breaking it into tiny bits.

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