How End of tenancy cleaning made manageable?


The most common reason for deposit deductions by the landlord or estate agent is end of tenancy cleaning. Around the same period, it’s the simplest to avoid by doing a thorough end of tenancy cleaning until the final check. This guide will provide you with professional guidance and cleaning ideas to help you collect your deposit.

On the first visit to a new property, it is almost certainly spotless. Tenants have a right to a clean and sanitary home, but they must also uphold the quality for the duration of their tenancy.

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Most people don’t do a deep cleaning on a weekly basis, and this is especially true in the months leading up to their move. When renters move out, though, they must ensure that the property remains as tidy as it was when they first moved in. Since relocation is already stressful, both renters and owners look to the services sector to help.

Cleaning providers also added a new option called “end of tenancy cleaning” to meet the need. Professional end of tenancy cleaning is a complete top-to-bottom cleaning service tailored to rental homes.

Who is responsible for cleaning what?

move out cleaning

Tenants are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the premises on a regular basis. They could be held responsible if they make an increase in and spread of pathogens, insect infestations, and mold as a result of poor hygiene.

The expense of removing these dangers is high, and the landlords would be responsible for the payment. The occupant is also given the yard, driveway, and patio as well as the rest of the house. Remember to ensure that these places are included while doing the inventory checks for the inspection.

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Cleaning responsibilities in shared building areas are normally the landlord’s liability. The landlord is responsible for certain specialist cleaning services provided in the home. Gutter cleaning, for example, is a service provided by your landlord.

Is it possible for your landlord to compel you to contract a cleaning service?

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So you do realize that the occupant is responsible for washing. This duty requires that you return the keys to the landlord under the same condition as when you first moved in. Your landlord has the right to ask for a hygiene level that matches the one specified in the inventory agreement.

End of tenancy cleaning is what you undertake if your house doesn’t fulfill such requirements, so if you’ve been a nice and loving homeowner, your home is still pretty similar to the inventory. You just need to do a final sweep before surrendering the property in this situation.

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If you have fulfilled your responsibilities as a renter, your landlord cannot compel you to buy end of tenancy cleaning services!

Many lease arrangements have a provision requiring “reasonable washing.” Tenants are often required to pay up to £400 for cleaning supplies for as little as a six-month lease. Of course, this is the most drastic scenario imaginable.

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In its specialized document, Guidance on unequal conditions in lease arrangements, the Office of Fair Trading addresses this problem.

End-of-tenancy cleaning is covered in the parts below:

cleaning checklist

Cleaning charges – a provision to compensate for cleaning at the end of the tenancy could be arbitrary whether the grounds on which money would be requested or the scope of the cleaning involved is ambiguous or uncertain. If the duration of the fee is expressly restricted to adequate punishment for a failure to care for the land, such a word is more likely to be equitable.

Excessive cleaning fees – this is standard procedure. In short lets, tenants are required to return the property in the same good and clean state as when they obtained it, with reasonable wear and tear allowed. As a result, we often object to conditions that may be used to force the tenant to compensate for the property to be maintained to a greater level than it was at the outset of the tenancy, or that demand maintenance regardless of whether or not it is appropriate for the tenant to meet their usual responsibilities about the condition of the property.

You are entitled to select the method of sanitation as long as you return the property safe.

It is unjust to demand a “skilled cleaning” because the property is already clean or before the occupant has been granted the opportunity to clean the property before the keys are returned.

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If you do not return the property in a similar condition, though, the owner has the ability to contract a cleaning firm to bill you for the expenses.

It’s only logical that if the owner decides to get the property professionally washed when you move in, you do the same after you leave. Before signing the lease agreement, you can discuss these terms with your landlord. To avoid disagreements at the end, make sure you’ve decided on a process.

End-of-tenancy cleaning is essential in order to get your deposit back.

move out clean

According to the Deposit Protection Scheme, improper sanitation is the cause of more than half of all deposit conflicts As a result, it is the most frequent source of deposit disagreements.

If you have not completed an end of tenancy cleaning until moving out, the landlord can hire a professional cleaning company and deduct the cost from your deposit.

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Your landlord, on the other hand, is just allowed to subtract the entire expense of the cleaning service. The receipt would be required as evidence of payment for the cleaning. Before you accept the deposit deduction, bear in mind you have a copy of the cleaning service receipt.

Tenants have a financial stake in the rented property, so it is in their best interests to keep it in good repair at all times. The state of the property can be benchmarked by the two inventory reports as you drive in and out. This is the most credible proof of how tenants impacted the property’s state throughout their stay.

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Before allowing renters to move in, certain homeowners employ end of tenancy by hiring a cleaning company. This establishes a rather strong level on whether the occupants vacate the premises. This will be mirrored in the inventory move-in survey, which will include high-resolution images of the situation.

In addition, the landlord would most likely supply you with a copy of the receipt received by the tenancy cleaning company.

How to tidy up after a lease ends

cleaning service

It’s in your best interest to perform a rigorous end-of-tenancy clean to fulfill all of your tenancy agreement’s obligations get your full deposit back.

Otherwise, getting the tenancy deposit back would be difficult. If you rely on your landlord to give you a bill, the rate is likely to be higher since they are unable to look around for the right price. Allow enough time and resources to complete the final clean to get as close to moving out as possible.

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Obviously, doing the cleaning yourself is the most cost-effective alternative. Even if it isn’t really frightening, moving out can be stressful enough without the added stress of washing. Cleaning yourself, on the other side, is a smart way to save money on moving costs if you have a lot of time before returning the keys.

Before you begin, send a copy of the landlord’s or letting agent’s final inspection checklist. To make sure you’ve washed everything thoroughly, use the checklist AND the move-in product report as a guide. You must balance the report’s content while still ensuring that anything in the checklist is washed.

If you want to pass the final inspection, you must clean at least the following items:

  • Empty all of the cupboards and shelves in the kitchen.
  • Remove any crumbs and deposits, scrub both inside and out, and dry fully.
  • Remove all appliances and thoroughly clean the floors under them as well as the walls behind them.
  • Make sure all of the appliances are clean, including the dishwasher filter and the laundry machine soap tray.
  • Most appliances’ backs are normally filthy and full of cobwebs; wipe them down with a dry rag.
  • If the fridge is empty after cleaning it, switch it off at the mains and keep the door open to avoid mold.
  • Remove all refrigerator shelves, cabinets, and racks, including the groves where they slip into the fridge.

When moving into a new home, nothing is more frustrating than washing someone else’s oven. The oven accumulates dense coats of grime, burned food stains, grease, and household dust if it is not washed often.

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It all adds up to a disgusting cleaning job that takes the longest, needs the most work, and uses the harshest cleaning agents than any other cleaning job. Regardless of how unpleasant the chore can be, make sure the oven is spotless since it is often the first thing to be examined. The hob, burners, shelves, baking trays, handles, switches, and all other surfaces are the same. If you don’t put in the extra work for your oven, it won’t be worth beginning at all.

Cleaning the coffee table, as well as all cupboards, windows, bookshelves, and the television set is needed in the living room. Living rooms are mostly decorated with a lot of things and have a lot of bookshelves. This space is mostly for dusting large areas. This space is mostly for thoroughly dusting and vacuuming everything. The living room takes a long time to clean and there are too many items and uncomfortable surfaces to clean. As simple as it can be, cleaning the living room takes a long time.

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Scrub the whole bathroom, including the tiles, sink, tub, toilet, mirror, and other accessories. Ensure that the sinks and plug holes are free of clutter and that the water drains easily. Mold, soap scum and limescale buildup can be removed from any metallic objects, such as faucets, showers, and drain grates.

You’ll have to scrub the showerhead if any of the openings have been clogged with limescale. Remove the showerhead and soak it overnight in white vinegar. It should be cleared and running correctly the next day.

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Scuffs and filthy spots on the walls can be looked for. If washing them off isn’t an option, cover them with a similar-colored emulsion. You may be able to locate unfinished paint pots in the shed or utility cupboard.

Windows – From the inside, clean all of the windows. If you can’t hit the outside, make an appointment with a window cleaner. Alcohol and vinegar are also two of the safest ingredients for washing windows and glass.

If any windows are cracked, get them patched unless they show on the check-in inventory. Windows leave a lasting impact on the general cleanliness of a space. Your landlord will be more inclined to skip dirt in other areas if you keep yours perfectly transparent.

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Vacuum the furniture and clean it with a dry-cleaning solution. The upholstery must be spotless, with no odors, fur, or unpleasant odors. This is particularly valid if you have young children, have pets, or smoke. You should even employ a steam cleaning service to scrub all of the upholstery.

Scuff marks, bumps, and dings on the wooden upholstery can be avoided. Rub the scuff traces and bruises with almonds and coffee leaves. They’ll do a good job at masking the damage with small problems. You may use a wood polish or lemon oil to achieve a dazzling finish. Your furniture would look completely fresh if you rub well into the wooden pieces.

Curtains/blinds – If the curtains are washable, wash them according to the manufacturer’s directions or send them to a dry cleaner. Dust the curtain rods. Carry out the same procedure for any fabric blinds in the building. Dust all sides of the slats of the Venetian blind thoroughly. If the blind has been unusable, repair the harm or replace it.

Carpets/Rugs – If you have a steam cleaner, you will use it to get your carpets and rugs back to life. If not, they are reasonably inexpensive to employ and come with a variety of attachments that enable you to clean any aspect of the house, including the floors, tiles, windows, walls, and furnishings. The bare minimum is to clean all carpets and clean them with a wire brush to clear any hair stuck in the fibers.

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Staircases and corridors – There are high-traffic places that will profit from more thorough sanitation. To remove all of the dirt and grime from the carpets and rugs, steam cleaning may be needed.

Garden and exterior – If a garden shed is present, make sure it is clean and tidy. Any decking should be hosed off, and leaves and other litter should be swept away from patio areas. Make sure the flowerbeds are in decent shape and, if necessary, mow the lawns.

Fix the gate if it was not destroyed before you came in. Whether it was broken before you came in, the inventory should have a record of it; otherwise, you would be kept liable.

Cleaning the whole property by yourself is a difficult and time-consuming process.


You should think about whether you have the time and resources to complete the job to a high standard so that you can get your deposit back in full. This is the very factor you’re going through all of this, to begin with.

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Enable ample time to hire professional cleaners, get things dry cleaned, and replace/repair objects if you’re cleaning by yourself. Be meticulous, cross items off the list when you proceed, take photos while you’re done, and have a witness sign them before doing the final inventory search and turning over the keys.

When do you perform your own end-of-tenancy cleaning?

cleaning, service, cleaner
  • You rent a tiny house or a bed in a community home
  • You rent an unfurnished property
  • You deep clean at least once every couple of months
  • You have a lot of flexibility before leaving and giving back the keys
  • You want a less expensive relocation experience

When do you not perform end-of-tenancy cleaning yourself?

  • Whether you are resistant to harsh cleaning items, such as bleach;
  • if you don’t have sufficient spare time or energy;
  • if you aren’t a decent or comprehensive cleaner;
  • whether you need to use specialist equipment that you can’t run yourself.

Using the services of an end-of-tenancy cleaning firm


While the above list is comprehensive, it does not include anything you would clean before you can walk out with your deposit. If you don’t have the time or resources to clean thoroughly, contracting a firm may be the best option for your move.

End-of-tenancy cleaning is for tenants who are going back. Tenants need dependable resources and outcomes in order to recover their deposits. That is why it is important that the cleaning company you use provides you with comprehensive cleaning lists that include more things on the property than you might imagine.

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If they truly provide end-of-tenancy cleaning, they must be willing to follow every checklist issued by your landlord or letting agents. Check to see how they clean the oven since it is the most challenging cleaning job in the whole house and is expected to pass the final inspection.

More importantly, the cleaning service must ensure that you will get a pass on the move-out inventory. If the service isn’t up to par, you might be entitled to monetary rewards or a re-clean. The cleaning business you employ can have a hygiene promise of at least 24 hours.

You’ll need this period to complete the final inspection until the property automatically begins to collect dust and debris.

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The consistency of the job is a crucial factor. Since you’re investing a tonne of capital, you’ll want to go for a firm that has a track record of providing high-quality cleaning. Be certain that the service is not dependent on time, but rather on the size and contents of the home.

The cleaning at the end of a tenancy would last until the final inspection. To do this, the staff must disinfect anything and everything until everything is spotless. Having the cleaners come in after a certain period of time would not ensure that any of the property’s contents have been properly washed. A cleaning business that knows this recognizes the importance of high-quality jobs when it comes to relocating residents.

The property must be clean of the following items during their visit:

checklist, business, workplace
  • Garbage
  • Hair and Fur
  • Dirt, Dust, and Stains
  • Grime, Grease, Fingermarks, Smudges, and Spills
  • Limescale and Surface corrosion
  • Hard debris, Food Deposits, and Leftovers

Your move out cleaning crew must have all of the necessary equipment, cleaning solutions, and machines for the job. These can be factored into the final estimate. If anyone wants you to pay more for a particular cleaning product or consumable, they might be attempting to defraud you.

Get in touch with the cleaning company’s customer care department to figure out what’s going on. Naturally, you do not pay anything above the initial quotation and the agreed-upon additional charges.

Look for a company that is protected. You would be allowing strangers into your house for long periods of time without your presence. Just hire a firm with vetted staff and insured facilities to secure your possessions and your landlord’s house. The organization would pay for harm or theft incurred by the employees.

What is it appropriate to contract an end-of-tenancy cleaning service?

  • You have a large property with several rooms
  • You have no free time to handle cleaning on your own
  • You need to ensure the return of your deposit
  • You need a fast and reliable cleaning solution
  • You are unable to work with harsh cleaning solutions, such as bleach
  • You are unable to reach parts of the property that need to be cleaned
  • You are unable to clean the oven to a satisfactory level

When you shouldn’t contract an end-of-tenancy cleaning service:

You’re searching for a less expensive cleaning option

You’re an accomplished cleaner

You don’t have to think about your deposit

If your landlord says it’s needed, but you’ve already cleaned

If your landlord says you have to use THEIR supplier

Solicit assistance from the lender.

And if you’re moving out, if you have a decent partnership with your owner, you should still ask them for assistance with your end-of-tenancy cleaning. If you shouldn’t anticipate your landlord to show up at your door with buckets in hand, they will help you choose a cleaning business.

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Any landlords who have been in the business for a few years have used a variety of facilities. Experienced landlords will refer you to the best firms in the market, which provide excellent client service and competitive pricing.

You should use the supplier your landlord uses to spare yourself the trouble of doing intensive analysis, reading reviews, and price comparisons. Another advantage is that the landlord’s provider can still meet their needs and return the deposit.

Scams and unjust deposit withdrawals

cleaning service

To avoid being treated unfairly, make sure you quit the property in the same state as when you first checked the inventory. Before the move out inventory inspection, make sure the property has been thoroughly cleaned and all required maintenance has been done. Make plans for your landlord to attend to the inventory.

Prepare a folder of all relevant documents, such as:

  • The tenancy agreement
  • Receipts of all rent payments
  • Receipts of all utility bill payments
  • Receipts of all completed repairs, cleaning services, gardening, and any professional services you’ve paid for in the property
  • A set of timestamped high-resolution digital photos that document the property’s condition

Be wary of the landlord’s behavior at the final inventory and deposit return if you have any reservations about them. Rogue tenants take advantage of this time and attempt and get as much of your deposit as possible by making ridiculous accusations, overcharging, and charging undisclosed fees.

If you find yourself in this situation, reject anything and call your tenancy deposit scheme right away. To make the point, cite the Office of Fair Trade and include all of the prepared papers related to your tenancy.

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The scheme will be able to provide you with legal advice and support in order to help you reclaim your deposit. Furthermore, the deposit insurance program will be able to supply you with your own free Alternative Dispute Resolution service. The deposit security system can not unlock your deposit without your permission or court order, so keep calm and realize that your money will not be taken by illegal means.

File a lawsuit in the nearest county court if you discover that your deposit is not covered by a government-approved program. Your landlord is required to safeguard their tenant’s deposit at all times, and failure to do so is a violation of the rental agreement that will result in a fine of up to three times the original amount.

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