What is the End of Tenancy Cleaning and Things Included in it?

The end of tenancy clean isn’t the most enjoyable job, but it’s one that must be done.

If you do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself or hire a professional cleaning service, your home must be in tip-top condition for your new tenants.

Cleaning Tasks That Are Needed

First, double-check if you’ve read your lease agreement in its entirety. It can decide how the house should be left after you quit.

If you caused or suffered some damage during your lease, make sure everything is repaired or replaced before you leave. If you don’t, the landlord has the freedom to arrange for the problem to be resolved and give you a charge. In certain instances, the lender would consider deducting this number from your security deposit.

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Can I tidy up until my tenancy ends?

At the end of a lease, you have two options: perform the end of tenancy cleaning yourself or hire a specialist to move out cleaning service in London to do it for you.

Your preference will be affected by your proximity to the property and the amount of time you have available. If you have a letting company, they may be willing to provide you with the end of tenancy cleaning. However, if you have some free time and some simple cleaning supplies, doing the end of tenancy clean yourself might be the most cost-effective alternative.

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The job can be done in accordance with the inspection according to the tenancy cleaning checklist. However, in order to pass your final examination, you can clean the following items:

The Living Room

Remove all from the cupboards and cabinets, using a wet rag to wipe away any crumbs or stains. Next, take the appliances out of the cabinet and clean underneath and behind them.

It’s important to give the washing machine and dishwasher a good cleaning to get rid of any built-up grime.

end of tenancy

Clean the refrigerator both inside and out, extracting all freezer trays, racks, and cabinet shelves and washing them in soapy water. Then dry them and put them back in the fridge. To avoid mould, switch off the appliance at the wall and keep the doors open as you leave.

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Here’s how to keep your oven and stove clean:

 • Start with the Shelves: Make sure the inside of your oven is totally comfortable. To be confident, put on latex gloves and clear the racks. Place the shelves in a sealable plastic bag as you clean the rest of the oven.

 • Coat the oven floor with newspaper before operating on the cavity. Scrape off some burnt-on food with a scraper, being careful not to scrape the heating elements. Oven cleaning kits can be used in home improvement shops and online. To enter hard-to-reach places, use an old toothbrush. Baking soda combined with a little water may be used instead of chemical oven cleaners.

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 • Clean the Oven Door: Remove the oven door and wash it in hot soapy water to clean it. Rub the glass door with a smooth rag.

end of tenancy

 • Clean the stove: Take the rings and burners off the stove and wash them with thick, soapy water.

We’ve also been accused of allowing our ovens to get filthy. To reclaim your deposit, you must thoroughly scrub your oven, which can include huge deposits of grime, household dust, grease, or burnt food deposits. During the inspection phase, the oven is normally the first one that is looked at along with your fridge and freezer in the kitchen.

If you plan to clean your oven yourself, take a look at our step-by-step guide. Alternatively, you might hire a specialist oven cleaning service to do the deep cleaning for you. Since oven cleaning is a challenging task, this will save you time, effort, and a lot of energy.

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The Family Room

The carpets and dusting are the two most important tasks in the living space have it has to be of a high standard. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly. If any stains linger, you might want to suggest employing a specialist or renting an industrial vacuum cleaner to deal with the situation.

After that, clean and dust the shelves, cabinets, dining table, cupboards, and TV stands.

end of tenancy

The Restroom

Wipe off everything in your bathroom, including the sink, bath, toilet, tiles, and mirrors, to clear any stains.

Next, be sure the plug holes and drains are open and that water will run freely. If not, a drain cleaner may aid in the removal of clogs.

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Then search for mould and limescale on metallic surfaces like sinks, showerheads, and drain grates. There are several items available to assist you in dealing with them.

It’s as easy as squirting the solvent on the infected spot, waiting for it to work its magic, and then rinsing it out from top to bottom.

end of tenancy

If some limescale exists, you should break down the particles leaving the chalky crust with white vinegar and fresh lemon.

Other Cleaning Tasks to Think Of In the House

Clean the windows both inside and out. If you are unable to access the windows outside, hire a licenced window cleaner who can mostly come down in very short notice.

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Walls: Look for scuff marks on the walls and skirting boards in the rented property. Attempt to wash them away. If it doesn’t fit, use the same colour to paint them. It could be preferable to paint the whole wall if there are any markings. If you don’t, the landlord would most certainly get this job done and then invoice you or subtract the cost from your security deposit.

end of tenancy

Furniture: Scrub the furniture and wash it with a dry-cleaning solution. It’s important that no marks, fur, or odours are left behind.

Curtains: Please read the labels on your curtains before using them. While they may be machine washed, they are more likely to need dry cleaning. Make sure the curtain rods and vinyl roller blinds in the house are dust-free. If you have Venetian blinds, make sure both sides of the slats are clean. Your blinds must be fixed or removed if they are broken.

Here’s how to clean various kinds of blinds:

 • Remove mud and grease from wood blinds by dampening the fabric with vinegar. After that, wipe down the blinds to keep them from discolouring or warping. As a defensive shield against sun damage, use a wood conditioner.

end of tenancy

 • Faux-Wood Blinds: These blinds are constructed of a synthetic material that resembles natural wood. If you don’t want to use the conditioner, you should use vinegar instead.

 • Venetian Blinds: Soak vinyl and aluminium blinds in warm water and liquid soap in a pan. To clean the blinds, use a sponge to wipe them.

 • Vertical blinds: Use a lint roller to easily clear dust and cobwebs. Slats may also be washed with vinegar.

 • Cloth Blinds: Use a low setting to vacuum your roman, cellular, roller, and pleated blinds and shades.

 • Staircases and hallways: These places get a lot of activity on a daily basis, so make sure they’re safe.

Using the facilities of an end of the tenancy cleaning firm

While the above list is comprehensive, it does not include anything you would clean before you can walk out with your deposit. If you don’t have the time or resources to clean completely, contracting a move out cleaners may be the best choice for you as they have organised cleaning teams to clean the property depending on the size.

end of tenancy

However, there are a few items you may note before making your reservation. Many businesses have the operation, however, they don’t really comprehend what it entails speak to a customer service representative before you book one.

End of tenancy cleaning is for tenants who are going back

Tenants need dependable resources and results in order to reclaim their deposit. That is why it is important that the cleaning company you chose provides you with detailed cleaning lists that include more things on the property than you might imagine even congestion charges are included in the quote and you can get a quote online free of charge.

A professional end of tenancy cleaning will be able to obey every checklist issued by your landlord or letting agents. Check to see how they clean the oven, upholstery cleaning since it is the most challenging cleaning job in the whole house and is expected to pass the final inspection.

More importantly, the cleaning service must ensure that you will get a pass on the move-out inventory. If the service isn’t up to par, you might be entitled to monetary rewards or a re-clean.

end of tenancy

The cleaning business you employ can have a hygiene promise of at least 24 hours. You’ll need this period to complete the final inspection until the property automatically begins to collect dust and debris.

The consistency of the job is a crucial factor. Since you’re spending a tone of capital, you’ll want to go for a firm that has a proven record of delivering high-quality cleaning. Be certain that the service is not dependent on time, but rather on the size and contents of the home. The cleaning at the end of a lease would last until the final inspection.

Meeting these cleaning criteria would significantly increase the odds of getting your security deposit back.

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