Refrigerator Tips for cleaning

Easy & Time Saving: Cleaning Tips for Refrigerator

Some particles may lead to the hard to remove dirt marks due to the accumulation of dirt over the period of time in a refrigerator. You might maybe trick by the white appearance of your refrigerator’s interiors. You cannot see the small spills at the back, the cracked, leaked egg and the mark from the curry containers on the shelves. This is why it is important to know how to maintain and clean your fridge refrigerator correctly with these Refrigerator Tips for cleaning

Your first thought should be that your fridge may not be as clean as you think is the stains from the bottles below the bottle racks.

Look a little deeper and you’ll see the grey marks from the dirt near the winds, the small spills in the curries, the various crumbs and bread pieces, fruit and vegetables, and more.

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Take a deep breath and relax before you pull your hair out.

Refrigerator cleaning is easy – and fun! In fact, it is so easy to teach your kids the importance of cleaning and show them how to organize things in a fridge as a family activity. If you’re also in a stressful job, you should spend one hour a month cleaning up your fridge and taking the stress away.

Okay, let us not talk about how easy it is and how much stress is. Let’s get it down.

Top 6 Refrigerator Tips for Cleaning

Turn off the refrigerator and take things inside

The first thing you need to do is to turn off the refrigerator and bring out the things. Put the things inside an icebox or a casserole if you have anything in the freezer like meat or ice cream. Pack the sides with ice and seal the top with the deck if you are using a casserole. This ensures that they’re cold for hours or that you have to clean the refrigerator.

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Remember to put some plastic tablemats above the wooden table, if you keeping the stuff up. When the items are kept outside room temperature, they release water since they are cold. The table-tops prevent them from wetting the wood and causing a mess.

Refrigerator Tips for cleaning

First, clean the trays and baskets

Remove the trays and the baskets, soak them in warm water. It will not be as effective to clean them in normal water. A great way to clean them is to soak them in hot water for 5-10 minutes (not in boiling hot if you wonder) and give them a good purification. To clean it all well, use a new sponge or scrub pad. Leave them dry now.

Get the supplies for cleaning

Make a vinegar and warm water cleaning lotion. If you look for a cleaning fluid that is harmless and does the work too, nothing cleans better than this mix. It is best to avoid harsh cleaners. For tough stains, a dish cleaning soap fluid or any other specific cleaning soap fluid or use baking soda. Also, if you see hard stains, get a toothbrush because you have to remove sticky or slimy material.

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Get the right cloth

Always use clothes made out of cotton or microfiber. If you use cotton clothes, before you start, keep 4-5 big handkerchief pieces. If you use microscope clothes, you can buy spare ones too and use them to clean other things around the house apart from the refrigerator. Remember not to use towels made out of paper. They get soggy when they get wet and afterwards, you have another job to clean up the wet paper.

Refrigerator Tips for cleaning

Clean, clean and clean

Start with the area close to the winds, because when you get a little tired later you might miss them. Clean the sides of the bottle rack and the egg and butter trays and the bottom of the crisper box. Use baking soda or cleaning fluid for areas with stains.

It is better to start with two clothes. To remove dirt and grime, use one soaked in vinegar and hot water and the other to wipe dry the area. When the first is dirty, soak the drying tissue in the vinegar mixture and dry the clean area with a fresh tub. Depending upon how dirty is your refrigerator it takes 10 minutes – an hour to clean it up.

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Clean with a cotton cloth on the outside. You can moisten one if the outside fridge is really dirty and stained, but remember to wipe it straight away. The vinegar lotion should work here too, but you must adhere to a standard cleaning fluid if you feel a bit uncertain.

Restore trays and baskets but …

When you finish, leave the fridge door open to dry the inside for a while. Wipe the racks and trays dry during this time if they are not dry yet. Pay particular attention to the crisper tray and ice racks because they tend to remain wet in some corners and nooks. Furthermore, set the temperature always below 5 degrees Celsius and the freezer always must be less than 0 ° C.

Refrigerator Tips for cleaning

Maintenance for your refrigerator

Here is what you need to do when the trays and baskets are in place:

  1. On top of the trays and underneath the crispers, put plastic mats or kitchen towels. Plastic wraps and even cling films can also be used. Remember to put the towels in the kitchen under the crisper. This ensures that any juice from the fruit or vegetables does not make the surface very dirty. Replace this paper for the best results every week.
  2. Remove the water droplets from the containers before putting them back. This prevents mess and the bottles won’t slip out of the hands of your child.
  3. Dispose of all the leftovers into the glass containers. Instead of forgetting them inside for weeks, you will see them and eat them. You can also use stickers or posts for separately marking things.
  4. If you are an adhesive to keep similar things together, then buy some trays or containers to put them together. This applies especially to the freezer as ice is difficult to pull from the meat and fish packets. It is easier to keep them in separate boxes, especially if you have a freezer-free refrigerator.
  5. Keep an activated carbon container at the back of the bottom shelf. This will better deodorize the refrigerator. If you have no carbon activation at home, keep a bowl of baking soda or half a lemon and keep it inside for 2-3 days before replacing it with one. If you’re fond of the smell of coffee, you can keep some coffee beans in a small bowl so that the refrigerator smells good.

And you got it there! If you follow the above refrigerator tips for cleaning and maintenance hacks, you will have a clean refrigerator. visit our blog for more cleaning tips and hacks.

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