Why it is Important to Make use of a Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning?

When the lease is over, tenants and landlords have the last chance to ensure that the relationship ends as quickly as possible, while keeping the possibility of a dispute to a minimum.

Having your property ready for your new tenants is a crucial phase in this time span for landlords, so be sure to not leave anything to chance.

I’ve Done a Move-out Clean So Why Do I Need to Perform Another One?

In the UK, landlords require that the lease agreement is adhered to in the letter. You are obligated to pay a deposit when you move into a rented property. The deposit is intended to promise the landlord that, should you fail to pay rent when you leave or have done anything to damage the house, you must repay them with the deposit.

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In the UK, the average deposit on a rental property is £2000.

In the event that the property is up to standard at the end of your tenancy, you will be given a full refund of your deposit. That is why many people employ move out cleaners to support them with their transfer. For every penny you are out of pocket, the price of the cleaners is less than the cost of your deposit.

checklist for end of tenancy

For Landlords

The best way is to work together with your tenants on the check-in and check-out process. Being able to meet with your tenants face to face to discuss the house, your expectations of tenants, and resolving any early issues is possible with this arrangement.

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Taking a personal approach is advised wherever possible to give tenants a sense of responsibility for the property at the outset, which can help minimize harm and associated costs. Documentation can be signed as soon as it is produced, and therefore delays and misunderstandings are avoided.

For landlords, it is a smart idea to suggest a trustworthy end of tenancy cleaning company to their tenants. The landlord trusts the previous work of the cleaning company, but the tenant does not insist on using that particular company.

checklist for end of tenancy

For Tenants

When it comes to getting your home professionally cleaned, or for you to clean yourself, one important aspect to consider is whether or not to attempt it yourself or to employ a professional move out cleaning service in London.

Tenants move-out cleaning can be exhausting and time-consuming. If the rental property is owned by three or more individuals, obtaining a reasonably competent result would take approximately six hours. However, not everyone has the time to commit to a side project, as careers, families, and school take up much of a person’s time. Not all landlords would appreciate ‘fairly acceptable’ rental terms.

checklist for end of tenancy

You should have a one-on-one meeting with your landlord to go over what their standards will be when it comes to your move-out clean. Also, it’s important that you bring the lease agreement with you to check to see if the landlord’s preferences match the agreement in the lease. It is unlawful for a landlord to ask you to do anything not mentioned in the lease agreement.

The norm that is required is not always transparent to anyone involved. In fact, the number one reason for conflict between the landlord and tenant is disagreements about the level of cleaning needed at the end of the tenancy.

What is the Most likely Checklist for End of Tenancy?

Bathrooms, kitchens

Beds and rugs

Drawers in Windows

kitchen appliances

Fridge and freezer compartment

An itemized list of cleaning materials is given under any listed item. For instance, items like cleaning the oven, the microwave, discarding leftovers, cleaning grime from the stove, and reducing the oven are mentioned.

checklist for end of tenancy

Clean the windows inside and out, with special attention to detail. A professional window cleaner might be able to assist you in accessing windows that are on the exterior of your home.

If there are scuff marks on the walls and skirting boards, then a property inspection should be done. Soak them in water to try to wash them clean. If that doesn’t fit, use the same color paint to cover them.

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It is safer to paint the whole wall if there are many marks. Your landlord will either charge you for the cost or subtract the cost from your deposit if you fail to fix it.

Vacuum your furniture and dry-clean it. To preserve the cleanliness, no stains, hair, or odors you should have it professionally carpet steam cleaned.

checklist for end of tenancy

Whenever you dust curtains, be sure to check the labels for potential defects. While they are machine washable, it is more likely that these clothes need to be dry cleaned. Dust curtain rods and cloth roller blinds, including the ones in the home.

Be sure to clean both sides of the slats of your Venetian blinds, if you have them. These blinds must be fixed or replaced if they’ve been damaged.

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The key pathways and staircases get a lot of use, so be sure to keep them spic and span.

As with your garden should be cared for prior to departure. If it is appropriate, rake up leaves, keep the flower beds tidy, and mow the lawns.

To get your security deposit back, make sure you follow these cleaning criteria.

In the case of an unforeseen contingency, it is important to be ready. Even with the checklist of end of tenancy cleaning and inspections in place, some items fail, and there is no good, hard scrub that fixes the problem. Residential landlord insurance offers cover for the property owner in the event of financial losses that occur from a rental property.

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The Benefits of Hiring Cleaning Services

The high standard End of Tenancy Cleaning team consists of around three to four members. Professional end of Tenancy cleaners are good at what they do, as well as being well-outfitted by their employers and you can book them in very short notices too and can also add additional services like Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet steam cleaning.

checklist for end of tenancy

Depending on the size of the property the prices vary and remember end of tenancy cleaning is different from regular deep cleaning methods refer to various companies speak to their customer service teams and check their quotes online free of charge before you book one varies of any congestion charges include with the quotes and 24 hours re-cleaning if the letting agent or landlord is not happy with the cleaning standards.


Every cleaning agent you might possibly use is an on-hand top to the bottom method of cleaning, as well as all the cleaning equipment needed to complete an end-of-tenancy clean. As a result, to do an effective move-out clean, you will have to procure all the missing equipment.

Returning your security deposit in full is an integral part of making sure your unit is safe before moving in again. Experts like our Dirt2Tidy tenancy cleaning will sometimes help speed up to clean the property and process of reclaiming the security deposit which is rightfully yours.

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