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10 Car Cleaning Tips that makes your life easier

Perhaps people have problems keeping their cars clean. It’s a task you prefer to put off as long as you can. Well, with some fast and easy car cleaning tricks we’re here to save your day. If your car dealers knew what we told you, they probably wouldn’t be too happy. We have some pretty strange car cleaning methods that you probably have never heard.

Cleaning headlight with toothpaste Hack # 1

Toothpaste is no longer just to clean your teeth. The toothpaste cleaning properties can also help to clean your dirty foggy light. It is quite noticeable in cars with dirty headlights that your car can look older and much dirtier than it is. With this trick, an older car can look like a new one. Take any toothpaste tube and put it on your headlights. Let it continue for a couple of minutes before washing it off. Thanks to this toothpaste tube, hopefully, your headlights look good as new. It’s great because it’s so straightforward and cheap.

Clean Dashboard with A Toothbrush Hack # 2

Not only toothpaste  can help keep your car clean even toothbrush is an excellent tool for car cleaning . Many areas of the interior of a car are difficult to access or clean with a cloth. The small bristles and head of the toothbrush make it possible to get into all of these nooks and jigs. This is especially helpful for your dashboard. Car dashboards usually have small, hard to get well buttons and dials. Get cleaner and a toothbrush from your car and scrub them away. Not only does the toothbrush help with the dashboard, but it also provides all the textured material on the steering wheel or armrests.

 Remove Upholstery Crumbs with Toothbrush Hack # 3

 You realize how easy it is to stick to crumbs, dirt and dust. Even if you try to keep your car clean of junk, it’s difficult to avoid. Our rag is not working to get what is stuck in the cracks. This hack is therefore a really good one to remember. The confident toothbrush is the secret to this dilemma. Who knew so many uses of a toothbrush? A bristle toothbrush can remove these fine nervous particles from your padding in no time. Just vacuum all of your remains, or you’ll end up with all the dirt on your car floor.

Dusting and Vacuuming Hack # 4

This trick is ideal because it doesn’t just clean your car, but you save time in the end. Have you ever realized how much dust your car collects over time; you will know that dusting is not an optional challenge if your car is to be clean? But just dusting your car will resettle the dust and you’ll waste your time completely, and still have a dusty car. The trick is to vacuum your car with the dust. A small brush and a vacuum are needed. Dust with one hand and hold your other hand close to the vacuum.

Small cracks cleaning with flat screwdriver Hack # 5

Although toothpaste is a great tool to get into these nooks and crannies, you sometimes need a bit more effort to get out the terrible dirt. This trick comes in here. You only need a flat end screwdriver and a thin cloth. You can remove all the permanent dirt with it. The screwdriver is difficult so that you can scrap more than with a toothbrush. You want to use a flat-end screwdriver in particular, because it’s just the right way to get into those hard to reach places. This isn’t working with a wrench. There’s the cloth so you don’t scratch anything in your car.

Trash Can Hack # 6

Maybe this is the easiest tip to follow. This tip differs from most others. This is a preventive measure. The car cleaning time you leave a trashcan or bag in your car will decrease later. And don’t pretend that each time you leave the car you take your waste with you. This is not true, we know. A trash can be almost essential unless your friends get into your car and you have to throw your old rapid-food bag and receipts into the backstage, even if you can only keep an old plastic food bag inside your car. This doesn’t look so attractive. Consider a reusable container of plastic cereal as a trash can.

Wet Wipes and Napkins Hack # 7

Sometimes we all can be a little messy and it doesn’t suck if you accidentally pour some coffee out on your seat or your cup holder. If you don’t have anything to purify it, coffee will just make your car sticky and flaky. An easy solution is to make sure you always have wet wipes or serviettes in the car. You can keep them in the middle console of your car or at the door. The wet wipes are great to wipe your hands also if they are sticky, so it’s not all that sticky. An easy way to collect napkins is you get extra one’s next time, you’re in a drive.

Clean Windshield Wipers by Rubbing Alcohol Hack # 8

Isn’t it annoying when wipers leave stripes on your windshield? This can be dangerous, as well as annoying, as it may block the driver’s view. This problem is usually ignored by people as windshield wipers can be costly and maybe not have time to go to the store. However, these big strips across your windshield is hard to fix. Rubbing alcohol is an easy & most cost-effective way to clean. Wash your wipers with a large quantity of alcohol and let them dry. Although it is still necessary to change your washer, this can prolong your washer lifespan and will assist you if you are in a pinch.

Clean Floor Mats with Laundry Stain Remover Hack #9

You can maintain your car’s floor mat in good condition with a stain remover which not only removes stain on cloths. All you have to do is spray any  stain remover on your car’s floor mat, wash & dry it. Depending on the condition of your car’s floor mat, you can let the stain remover on the mat for a while. This is amazingly effective and will save you some embarrassment when your family or friends come in. Finally, all of these tips save you from embarrassment. You need not be a slob to have a chaotic car, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars cleaning up your car.

Remove Bugs Using Dryer Sheets Hack # 10

 In the windshield and grille of your car, bugs are inevitably squished. You can be insane if you constantly look at the spots while driving. You’ll be crazy when you come out of your car and see small dots all around the outside. A great way to remove bugs and the dryer sheets from your grill. Bugs could be difficult to get out of your car, so definitely you’d like to try this trick. You first want to get your car, then get a hot water bucket and wipe the hot water with dryer sheets. Finally, wipe away the bugs. 

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