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Can I Do End Of Tenancy Cleaning Myself? The answer might surprise you!


Moving out brings quite a few expenses, so it is understandable if you want to handle the end of tenancy cleaning yourself rather than hiring professionals to do it for you. However, if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, there’s a high chance you’ll end up paying more!

Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself?

It is possible to do it yourself, but your chances of passing the inspection are relatively small, unless…

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  • The place you’re moving out from is really small
  • You’ve been regularly deep cleaning it every 6 months throughout your stay
  • You have at least one more person to help you with heavy lifting
  • You have enough time left before you need to move out
  • You are willing to pay for special cleaning products and appliances
  • You’re not allergic to heavy-duty cleaning products.

Will It Work?


In a nutshell, you can always try to do this type of cleaning yourself. But you should also be prepared for a potential failure when it comes to getting a stamp of approval from the landlord. As a professional cleaning service company, we’re often contacted by clients who tried and failed to handle the end of tenancy cleaning themselves.

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If you read the circumstances above and realised that you can’t do one or more of the things that increase your chances of passing, consider it a sign to give it a second thought.

The best way to determine your odds of success is to ask yourself this question: can you meet your landlord’s expectations? If you know exactly what the landlord expects from you when moving out, then it’s up to you to decide if you can meet their expectations. Speaking of which, do you know the exact criteria that your landlord wants you to fulfil? Have you discussed it in advance?

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If you answered no, then you will be playing a guessing game that you might lose. Judging by how much work you have ahead of you, there’s a chance that you’ll be tempted to cut things from the cleaning checklist (which, by the way, is a very long list!). It isn’t just a matter of doing it yourself but also doing it right. When you come to think of what’s at stake, you might have second thoughts. If you decide to do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself and fail, you will…

  • Risk losing your deposit from the landlord
  • Waste money to buy whatever cleaning products you need
  • Waste precious personal time that you could have spent doing other activities
  • End up hiring professional cleaners in the end to meet the high demands of your landlord.

That’s the worst that can happen. You waste your time, spend more money than necessary, and have to cope with the stress of meeting meticulous standards. All these can be easily avoided by seeking professional help. A cleaning company is well-versed in handling such a deep cleaning and knows exactly what landlords consider to be a successful end-of-tenancy cleaning. Not to mention that they have all the necessary tools and products to do it right the first time.

How Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning Different?

When you’re moving into a property, you expect it to be nothing but spotless and shiny, don’t you? While impeccable cleaning is easy to recognise, it’s almost impossible to anticipate what it takes until you’re the one responsible for it. End of tenancy cleaning is different from regular deep cleaning because it involves so much of the property. Obvious limescale on the taps, sticky dust from the cupboards, inconspicuous dust from the ceiling lights, and the cobwebs of a dark corner are all small issues that need to be taken care of. If you aren’t a professional cleaner you won’t even notice these things! Even if you do notice these small details, you might be tempted to skip it and pray that the landlord misses it.

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Cleaning the inside, outside, and top of all wardrobes and cupboards is enough of a tedious task on its own. Imagine having to also wipe down all woodwork, doors, windows, frames, sockets, and light fixtures. You will also be expected to clean and vacuum the upholsteries, carpets, and hard floors. You can’t forget to clean behind all of the furniture or the inside AND outside of all windows. That’s just the beginning. You will also need to polish glass surfaces and the exterior of appliances. After that, you’ll need to scrub the kitchen, bathroom, floors, and tiles. If you’re getting tired by reading this, just know that we haven’t even scratched the surface of how deep the cleaning is!

That’s Not All You Need To Consider!

The work is strenuous, exhausting, and time-consuming. You have little time and resources to get it done in time, and the standards are quite demanding. It’s not a one-person job, either. Even if you have friends who are willing to help, they might not be as useful as you hope. You don’t just need any help, you need experienced help. You have to be very aware of your limited amount of time. You can’t afford to give it a few weeks because a lot can happen from one week to another, but you can’t have it finished too long before the final date either! Windows will lose their shine, cobwebs will arise from nowhere, dust will start settling in, and several other things that your landlord could use to justify why you failed the inspection.

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End of tenancy cleaning is different from any type of cleaning that you’ve done so far. It takes professional-level solutions and cleaning tools, it must be done in a limited amount of time, and it must be finished at the right time. All of these are issues that you won’t even begin to think of before starting the clean-up. With the endless list of chores in one hand, desperation can easily sneak in.

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Truthfully, it’s difficult to do such a deep cleaning all by yourself. Even if you’re used to cleaning your place regularly, chances are that you’ve never done it to this extent! It’s hard enough for someone who did take the time for periodic clean-ups to cover all these details in one cleaning session. Someone who neglected most of these aspects will be facing an impossible mission! If money is the only factor that weighs your decision, remember this: moving out can be time-consuming and stressful, but by taking the cleaning into your own hands you risk spending even more money. Independent end-of-tenancy cleaning comes with lots of hidden costs. Try putting it all down on paper to see what you’re truly up against.

Meanwhile, we’ll be here to take care of your inquiry for an end of tenancy cleaning service. We will even give you a quote. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you at a reasonable cost!

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