What’s the hardest part about being a landlord?


The task of a landlord is never finished. At least, that’s how it seems to the vast majority of landlords. While it is sometimes lauded as a fulfilling profession, being a landlord is not without its challenges. But what is the most difficult aspect of being a landlord?

Many people would say it’s the constant ringing of the phone

In most situations, a scenario in which the phone is ringing off the hook denotes that the company is thriving. In the case of a landlord, it might also indicate that. A ringing phone might indicate that a possible tenant has called to view the home. However, the majority of the calls are complaints.

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Whether you like it or not, there will come a day when you want to toss your phone in the river because it never stops ringing. Interested renters contact to inquire about renting an apartment. Current renters may contact you to report a problem, inform you that they will be late with their rent, or express their dissatisfaction with something else.

How to Find and Purchase a Rental Property

A Free and Simple Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

You must first discover a successful investment property before purchasing a rental property and becoming a landlord. This can be a difficult task at times. If you’re a first-time landlord, the research might be daunting. The location/neighbourhood/property you choose can have a significant impact on the success of your investment and rent guarantee.

This one may be difficult for you at first. People skills are difficult to learn, especially when dealing with people you don’t know. It will take you at least a few months to understand how to deal with your renters and meet their demands. If you’re a first-time landlord, bear the following in mind: It’s critical to find excellent tenants.


When selecting prospective tenants, we recommend that you go through a comprehensive tenant screening procedure to avoid difficulties. There’s a lot that goes into tenant selection. Background checks and referrals should be part of the screening process. Spend a little time now to avoid future problems. You don’t want to be Googling how to evict a renter again in a few months!

Having to deal with those renters. Few landlords understand what it takes to have an ideal renter. Even if your renters pay their rent on time and are courteous, you’re sure to run into problems at some point. Being a first-time landlord necessitates learning how to deal with renters’ questions and concerns. As you earn more experience, the majority of these talents will improve.

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Dealing with bad tenants also entails establishing rental property regulations and determining how to enforce them. Collecting on-time rent payments is a regulation that many landlords struggle with. A smart approach to avoid this is to sit down with the renter and explain your expectations for their stay, then come to a mutually acceptable two-way agreement.

Expense Management

Rental properties provide rental revenue, but they also necessitate out-of-pocket costs on your part. Maintenance fees, mortgage payments, property management, interest rates, insurance, and other expenses are all part of owning a rental property. Being a first-time landlord might make keeping track of all of these costs challenging, if not impossible.

Legal Concerns

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If you buy an Airbnb home, this might be a more difficult problem to solve. The home-sharing business has caused legal problems in a number of places around the United States, and it has even become banned in a few. Investing in a conventional property might come with its own set of legal complications. Zoning laws, leasing, landlord-tenant agreements, and eviction are just a few examples.

Taking Charge of Your Time

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Being a first-time landlord is especially difficult since you have a large list of obligations to attend to, including many of the ones listed above. The duty of a landlord is never truly done. There are always errands to perform, whether it’s a phone call, maintenance requests, collecting rent, or paying bills.

The majority of people will grumble about having to collect rental income every month.

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Depending on how many renters you have in your home, collecting rent on a monthly basis might be a daunting task. Hopefully, the bulk of your renters are those that pay their rent on time without needing to be reminded. Almost every landlord, on the other hand, has had run-ins with renters who provide a variety of excuses for why they don’t have enough money to pay their rent on time.

Contractors, Repairs, and Maintenance Management

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Rental properties are tangible, real-world buildings that need to be maintained and repaired. These maintenance expenditures are sometimes underestimated or ignored altogether by new landlords in their cash-flow predictions. Then they get perplexed as to why they continue to lose money year after year.

Even though these expenses do not occur on a monthly basis, they are unavoidable. Everything that may go wrong with your rentals, from roof repairs to flooded basements, dishwashers to dryers, happens sooner or later. Every part has to be replaced or repaired.

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This wouldn’t be so awful if your brother-in-law was a seasoned handyman willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice to assist you for a fair cost. Unfortunately, this does not occur in real life.

Managing contractors in the real world seems a lot like herding cats. To begin with, it’s difficult to locate trustworthy, competent contractors and handymen at reasonable rates. Make no mistake: there are professional contractors out there that show up on time and know what they’re doing. They also charge a lot of money.

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Why? Because they have the ability to. Because their rivals arrive half an hour late (if at all) and don’t call to inform you. They go behind on projects, run over budget, and surprise you with unexpected costs halfway through.

When we teach real estate investment, one of the most difficult aspects of being a landlord and investor is managing contractors. Screening, hiring, and managing contractors require a significant amount of time and work. You gradually establish a network of competent, economical contractors over time, typically through costly trial and error. But it won’t happen quickly, and there will be plenty of conflict along the road.

For the First Time, I’m a Landlord… You’ve got this!

Nobody ever stated that becoming a landlord for the first time is easy. As a landlord, you may experience these difficulties. They may be more difficult to overcome when you first begin your real estate profession, but as you get more expertise in real estate investment, you will undoubtedly learn to overcome them. Remember to familiarise yourself with the renting procedure and learn from your mistakes. You can accomplish it, as we already stated.

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